Simplify Your Move

Simplify Your Move

Meet with a move-in and move-out cleaning expert in Mount Pleasant, SC

Moving can be hectic. We get that. If you need cleaning help, reach out to GRS Cleaning Service today. We're a leading move-in cleaning and move-out cleaning company in Mount Pleasant, SC. Whether you need assistance cleaning your new house or your old property, you can depend on us to help.

We'll handle the cleaning so that you can focus on the more important aspects of your move. Call us at 843-870-1771 now to discuss your cleaning needs with a local pro.

Details about our cleaning services

When you need move-out cleaning or move-in cleaning help in Mount Pleasant, SC, choose GRS Cleaning Service. We can work with homebuyers, sellers and real estate agents. There is no property too big or too dirty for us to clean. You can hire us to:

  • Wipe down windows and surfaces
  • Dust baseboards
  • Vacuum your floors and carpets
  • Clean your stove and oven
  • Remove debris from cabinets
  • Deep clean bathroom floors and fixtures
Don't go through the stress of cleaning during your move. Contact GRS Cleaning Service today to schedule move-in or move-out cleaning service. We can even clean your old home while you're not there if that makes you more comfortable. We keep everything confidential.

If your landlord finds a problem with your house or apartment or you're denied your deposit refund after we clean, we'll come back and perform an even more thorough job. Get in touch with us right away.